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5 Core principles of our work

  • Use the power of your imagination
  • Think bigger than you are
  • Focus on growth
  • Keep the right people around you
  • Set goals along the way

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Meet our specialists

Alp Ozpinar

Compassionate, thoughtful and expertly trained, Dr Ozpinar practices all areas of neurological surgery but focuses on minimally invasive spine surgery, complex spinal deformity and spinal robotics. Dr Ozpinar earned his medical degree at Oregon Health and Science University and completed his neurosurgical residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, one of the nation’s top…

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Valerie Coon

Compassionate, dedicated, and experienced, Dr. Valerie Coon is a highly skilled neurosurgeon who practices all areas of neurological surgery. Her focus centers on brain and spinal cord trauma, tumors, and critical care neurosurgery. Dr. Coon completed her undergraduate degree in Neurobiology with honors at the University of California, Davis; following that, she earned her Doctor…

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Peter Kosek

Sympathetic and proficient, Dr. Peter Kosek’s goal has always been to ensure that pain is treated as seriously as any other medical condition. In addition to working with patients to help them regain their quality of life, he is dedicated to improving the standard of care for chronic pain sufferers. After receiving his medical degree…

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Neil E. Roundy

Kind, calm, and accomplished; Dr. Neil Roundy practices all areas of neurological surgery for the brain and spine. In addition to general neurosurgery, he has a special interest in neuro-oncology, neuroendoscopy, minimally invasive brain and spine surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, artificial disc surgery and movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease. Upon graduating from University of…

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Daniel Hutton

Attentive, thoughtful and expertly trained, Dr. Daniel Hutton practices all areas of neurological surgery but focuses on the surgical treatment of the spine. Dr. Hutton believes in a holistic approach, thoroughly counseling his patients on surgical and nonsurgical treatment options, so they can make well-informed decisions about their care. Board-certified in neurological surgery by the…

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Andrew J. Kokkino

Empathetic, highly skilled and respected in his field, Dr. Andrew Kokkino practices all aspects of neurosurgery and specializes in the treatment of brain and spinal tumors. Patients benefit from the latest technological advances in surgical neuro-oncology, such as frameless image-guidance, intraoperative ultrasound, intracavitary chemotherapy, Gamma knife radiosurgery, and interstitial brachytherapy. Dr. Kokkino graduated from Northwestern…

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